Gene Cuvier is a director, writer and photographer from Hamilton, Ontario with a passion for multiple art forms.

In order to determine her capabilities in directing a music video, Cuvier limited herself with 20 minutes for pre-production and filming in under 3 hours, leading her to complete her first music video in 2017. Cuvier is focused on cultivating a platform to launch a film studio built on the foundations of inclusivitiy–celebrating differences through unity. She is also working on her first book of prose and poetry, intended to inspire and motivate her readers to be inquisitive, strong and bold.

Cuvier stated, “Media has always been a way to create idea of who we all should be, what’s right, what’s wrong, what to do, what not to do. But I question what would happen if the power structure was shaken by new voices? I am curious as to what would happen if the superhero was a Mohawk/Kanyen’kehá:ka woman or the romantic lead was a Gambian and a Latina Canadian? What would happen if these sorts of things shifted to show the world as it really is? What would happen if a dark-skinned Canadian woman from Hamilton, Ontario, owned a major film studio, launched an industry campaign and wrote and directed her own films?”

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