Gene Cuvier is a writer, director, poet, artist, photographer and editor from Hamilton. She is the CEO of Cuvier Studios, a film studio dedicated to non-majority characters and stories.

Discovering hashtags such as #OscarsSoWhite, #WhiteWashedOUT, #NotYourMascot and #MeBeforeAblesim Cuvier found powerful proof their are others with the same desire for content featuring diverse characters and in order to create such content there has to be a film studio built on the foundations of diversity. Through Cuvier Studios, she aims to create a home for stories which struggle to make it in front of the public eye, these are stories which may have been written but never had a place until now.

In 2017 she will be releasing her first collection of poetry titled Survival, under her publishing company (soon to be announced). Survival, followers Cuvier on her journey through surviving through difficult times. It helps encourage others to find liberation through the thought of surviving, the fight as one survives and actually surviving through some of the most difficult times of ones life.

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