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You Are The Universe

With Supercrawl coming around again this year, one of my favorite events to attend in Hamilton Ontario. It made me think of the first year I attended, which was the first year I moved to Hamilton. With hopes and dreams for a better career.

Orange Circus performed. Loads, shoulder to shoulder back to stomach, type of crowd, followed this unique performance of lights, dance, fire and smoke. The last stop, past burning trees, was this woman, running on a wheel. A wheel that began to shoot out fireworks this is in no way the best shot I got that night. But it is the one that looks like stars. A reminder for all of us, that we have stars within us and we must create our own galaxy. This is something most do not realize until our time is up and I wish I had known in my teen years. We are the universe, we are meant for greatness.

— Gene Cuvier

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