I have been getting back into drawing, it has been years. I lost my ability, without a doubt, however I have been sketching here and there and the practice is finally visible. At least it is to me, this is my most current drawing of a woman, I named Exra.

I started drawing a few months ago, it has been such along time, I mean I was in highschool, but I didn’t want to say ‘I can’t sketch anymore.’ I thought I could but probably not very well. I wanted to sketch without thinking so I went for it without letting myself do any except act. I do not sketch for long, I do not want to over think and sabotage myself with a critique. There are flaws of course, but I do this freely now, without over thinking. Eventually, the irritating flaws will disappear. Now, almost five months later, I have improved.

January 2017
Recycled copy paper, automatic pencil


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