• What if there are certain features I do not like about the website?
  • Do you make the website live and accessible?
  • What if I do not want the website live?
  • If you aren't uploading my content, how will I add it myself?
  • Do I get to choose the stock photos?
Please let me know 10 days after delivery and I will do my best to resolve the problem. I make revisions according the package you ordered. I cannot accept any sort of responsibility with any issues after weeks, months or years!
Yes, with the access you provide of your WordPress and Hosting account I immediately begin working and as soon as I am finished the website will be live. 
I will design the website in a separate area on your hosting. You will have to have some of knowledge of hosting to make it live on your own
WordPress is a very easy platform! Very user friendly! There are also loads of instructional videos online to assist you if you have any trouble. You can always come back to me for paid support if you have any trouble.
No, be as descriptive as you can about your business and I will use stock to compliment your business. You may also use your own images on your own by deleting what I have uploaded.