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Shopping As a Writer

Writer Supplies I Can’t Live Without!

As a writer, there are certain things you must have to make life a little more easier when writing or editing and certain supplies you need to have because well it’s all about the details and you can’t help that.

To be honest my list is long so I may need to do a part two as I love new interesting things! When I’m too focused to go to a store to get supplies, I head to the internet. Amazon and Aliexpress to save money because I fly through pens, highlighters, notebooks, sticky notes, planners, portable hard drives, etc.


Candy Colored Highlighters –  $6.44 – on sale for $4.19 CAD

Firstly, highlighters that can travel with me. I ordered two because shipping estimate is over 30 days (shipping free from China). I can’t get enough of highlighters. I fly through them as I use them while editing and organizing poetry for each book. I particularly chose these ones because of the case. I don’t have to put them in the same carrying case as my pens and pencils (nerd issue).

via V&P Stationary Store

Photo Cred: V&P Stationary Store

Notebook for Journaling – Vintage Bible Notebook with thick pages – The price is $19.31 on sale for $13.13 CAD

I love all kinds of notebooks. But I tend to need one for different occasions. Home, travel, work, meeting.

When just writing out my thoughts, I have a preference for vintage. This notebook resembles a bible, spiritual or not, let’s be real here, the actual stylish look of a bible, is one enjoyable to the eye. It is 12 x 17 cm x 5 cm, 240 sheets without lines. Which is a plus for me simply because of the flow of my ideas and how I place them on the page. It isn’t simply writing line for line, I’ll occasional write in big giant letters, just to make a point to myself. Now, I chose the pages with gold edges but you can also go for just white. You could travel with this if you need to it isn’t too heavy or too big. I haven’t traveled with it yet, as I am still using my old note book that still has empty pages to be filled.


Bookmarks – Silver plated Snowflake from Book Friends – Price $3.34 on sale  – 32% off $2.25 CAD

I love to read to the point I have ‘reading’ scheduled into my planner just to make sure I have time for it and a reminder to just sit, slow down and relax as I choose different reading material depending on the time of day or place in my life.

The first book mark I bought was at the Scholastic Book Fair at my elementary school, it has a caterpillar on it, I bet a bunch of you have the same one (as I still have it, to be honest, a keep sake). But ever sense I caved to my need for bookmarks as a child, I have been buying them ever sense. I tend to purchase wooden or occasionally metal ones as they last and last and last.

I chose a snow flake design from Book Friends (bookzzi) designed by John and produced by CellPark. As we all know not one snowflake is the same, that’s difficult to wrap my head around, even twins have unique finger prints. You can also get a golden four leaf clover key, a palm tree leaf, and feather. I should have ordered one of each. MISTAKE!

Note: If you read Korean you can buy it from their official store, if you only know a few words like me, I recommend a middle man like Aliexpress.

Photo Cr: Professional Friend




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